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Garage Door Spring Repair Orange County CA

Torsion & Extension Springs

Garage door spring repair is one of the most common services we provide. This is because garage door springs have a limited time of operation. They will last just about 5,000 to 10,000 open and close cycles. The amount of time depends on the weather and whether they have been maintained properly. Something as simple as lubricating them can help to extend the life of the springs.

Garage Door Spring Repair Orange County CA

We can replace your garage door springs if they have broken. As a matter of fact, we recommend you do not operate your garage door after you have had the garage door springs break. This is because the springs do the heavy lifting for the garage door. That’s right, it’s the springs, not the opener that actually allows the garage door to move with ease. The opener simply moves the garage door automatically.

There are 2 types of springs available for garage doors you can read more about them below. If your springs are broken don’t hesitate to call us we can repair your garage door springs to make your garage door work perfectly again

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs and Extension Springs

Torsion springs as shown above are can be identified by seeing where your garage door springs are installed. They will be located above the garage door in most cases and they are usually used for heavier garage doors. Torsion springs are the heavy duty springs. Although they can be installed for most garage doors. It’s just a matter of what you need. Our professional technicians can help you choose the exact garage door springs you’ll need. You can attempt to change them yourself but use extreme caution. You can have a very serious injury as a result of your garage door springs being broken.

We can replace your torsion springs for you to save you time and your health. Give us a call today, we’re available around-the-clock. We also offer emergency services if you need your garage door to be working immediately. Be sure to give us a call today!

Extension Springs

Extension springs are located on either side of the garage door. Sometimes you might only have one but it will be one of the sides of the garage door. Our professional technicians have extensive experience when it comes to extension spring replacements. Again, it is possible for you to replace the springs on your own. Although, it is dangerous to work with the springs if you don’t have the proper experience. We’re here to serve you, please give us a call today.

Spring Installation Services

Garage Door spring systems are a crucial part of the garage door. As mentioned above they generate the necessary force for your garage door to be able to operate with ease. In other words, the weight of the garage door is carried by the springs. Depending on your garage door setup the kind of springs you have might not be the same as your neighbor’s. We can install all types of springs. This means no matter what you need we can provide you with a spring system that’s perfect for your garage door system.

When our installation experts arrive at your home they will do the following. First, they will inspect your garage door setup. After that, they will determine the exact spring you require to ensure the installation goes flawlessly. Of course, they will let you know the exact price you will be paying for both the parts and for the labor. Give us a call to begin your garage door spring installation process today.

Cable Services

Garage door cables are another crucial part of the garage door. Just like the springs they are necessary for the smooth operation of the garage door. if your garage door cables have snapped or broken recently, please give us a call. The cables are there for safety reasons and when not replace could lead to further damage of the garage door. More damage would entail higher prices to get your garage door fixed. We will always recommend repairing any part of your garage door to not allow further damage to the other components. Call us to get your garage door cables repaired today. We’re always available to schedule an appointment.  Don’t wait for your garage door problems to get worse call us today!

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